Neem & Aloevera Face Wash

This gentle and effective face wash is blessed with Neem, Aloe Vera & Turmeric, which ensure antiseptic deep cleansing and gives antiseptic skin


Available in Individual 20 ML tubes or 30 ML-35 ML / 50 ML Bottles or as a Kit in stylish design box with hotel logo and name. 


Available with ingredients like Neem , Aloevera, Lavender Oil, Nectar of Natural Honey, Gold Dust, Spearmints Granules and mint Milli Capsules .

Extremely mild and Gentle and Yet a super effective Cleanser that will remove all pollution , Oil, Grit and Grime from your skin without causing it to dry out or stripping the skin of its natural acid mantle.

Neem is the only herb in the world that exceptional medicinal and healing properties. It purifies the air, cleanses your aura and the antimicrobial and anti-bacterial properties bring a lot of skin benefits. The industrial market seems to be taking advantage of this herb to make cosmetics and bring miracles to million users.  This is an indispensable ingredient.

Plant-based ingredients in skin-care products do more than just smell nice or look pretty. Herbs and botanicals have been used for thousands of years for their medicinal and dermatological properties, and they’re only getting more popular: A 2009 study from Tulane Medical School reported that botanical extracts were the fastest growing category of cosmeceuticals, thanks in part to consumers’ demand for organic and all-natural products. “Many believe that if a product can be safely ingested, it will also be safe for topical application,”.

These products are usually high in antioxidants, since plants are constantly exposed to sunlight and must build up defenses against the harmful ultraviolet rays that come with it. In addition, many are also anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial. To reap some of the best-known benefits of herbs and botanicals, look for the following ingredients the next time you’re shopping for skin care.

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