Hair Conditioner

To clean the scalp and hair while making it soft and radian. Ensures tangle free hair. Neem & Alovera beauty basics Please your guests with shampoo, Bath Shower gel & moisturizing lotion packed in a beautiful kit, The logo branding of the hotel can be down on the box.

Available in Individual 20 ML tubes or 30 ML-35 ML / 50 ML Bottles or as a Kit in stylish design box with hotel logo and name.

Each hair roots have oil glands which are separated because the oil from the gland coats each strand. When natural oil is not able to reach the whole length of the hair strand it becomes dull and dry. That further can cause hair fall. That’s why we need conditioners to nourish the entire strand, from root to tip. Conditioners are not optional but essential.
There are several different products available in the market now days; herbal conditioners are slowly gaining their way in the marketplaces today. People are interested in getting the rich vitamins that are found in all herbal products.
You can also get lots of benefits from these herbal products. Some of the benefits include: –
1. Herbal conditioners will help your hair to have natural hair tone and fine texture. It makes you feel that there are natural ingredients in your hair. Herbal conditioners provide balanced meal for your hair. It feeds your strands with proteins, vitamins and other healthy stuff. It replenished the lost nutrition and makes them naturally healthy.
2. They are gentle on your hair and don’t contain harmful chemicals that can damage your hair. They provide balance nutrients to your hair and nourish your hair from root to tip. This is the reason why the investment on manufacturing herbal products for the hair is increasing.
3. Purely herbal conditioners will not ruin your hair. It prevents thinning of the hair and itchy scalp. It helps in hair renovation and prevents common scalp problems leaving your hair stronger and healthier after each use.
4. Herbal Conditioners are specifically designed for dull damaged hair. There natural properties are infused with special serums that repair damage hair and helps in strengthens each strand.
5. Herbal conditioners make your hair glossy. If your hair strands are dull, rough, frizzy, and tangled use herbal conditioner after shampoo to moist your hair. A good herbal conditioner can act like a therapist in these situations. It helps to reconstruct damaged hair and prevent split ends and breakage.
6. It strengthens your hair and helps in rebuilding after a rough treatment like perming, straitening, coloring etc. By feeding nutrients from the roots these herbal conditioners help in strengthening your hair.It make your hair look silky and easier to comb. For best results, use a herbal shampoo and conditioner with the same goals to see maximum benefits!