Beauty Basics kit 50 ml(5 in 1)-2

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Available in 50ml*5 bottle in a Kit in stylish design box with hotel logo and name. Kit comprising of:

4. Mosturising Lotion 50ML bottle :A specially developed formulation for dry skin which heals roughness, dryness & imparts glow with its extra moisturizing effects. Ideal for all skin types. A handpicked blend of antiseptic neem and nourshing aloevera extracts. Added aroma oils soothe the mind & body and give a nourishing treat to your skin.
5. Face Wash 50ML bottle:This gentle and effective face wash is blessed with Neem, Aloe Vera & Turmeric, which ensure antiseptic deep cleansing and gives antiseptic skin
6. Shampoo 50ML bottle :This gentle and effective shampoo is blessed with Neem, Aloe Vera & Turmeric which ensure lustrous hair and nourished hair strands. The pleasant fragrance makes the conditioner a good choice.
7. Shower Gel 50ML bottle: The mild shower gel impacts gentle cleansing and the pleasant fragrances relaxes the mind and body.
8. Hair Conditioner 50ML bottle:To clean the scalp and hair while making it soft and radian. Ensures tangle free hair. Neem & Alovera beauty basics Please your guests with shampoo, Bath Shower gel & moisturizing lotion packed in a beautiful kit, The logo branding of the hotel can be down on the box.

Also available in customized packing as per customer requirement subject to minimum order quantity.


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