Goji berries are a precious ally for skin care, with an extraordinary anti-aging eect, thanks to the vitamins and antioxidant substances present inside.
Goji berries are native to the East and their properties have been recognized for hundreds of years. These bright red colored berries are very rich in vitamins, minerals (such as iron and potassium), omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids. These berries have the characteristic of containing a high concentration of active ingredient that determines a high ecacy on skin and organism.
Cosmetics with Goji berry extracts can give your skin and hair health and wellness.

Goji berries: properties and benets on the skin:

The high content of vitamins, fatty acids and mineral salts makes Goji berries an essential nourishment to keep the skin young, delaying its premature aging. The antioxidant substances present (especially vitamin A and E) far outweigh those of other fruits such as grapes and orange and counteract the action of free radicals.
The Goji berry extract promotes a tonic and regenerating action on the tissues. The skin will be bright and colorful. It is advisable to use Goji berries both on mature, dry, dull and dry skin, precisely because it needs to regain nourishment and tone, both on oily skin that needs to be regenerated, and on sensitive skin that needs protection.