Goji Berries

(For Youthful Skin)

Goji, also called "the tree of youth", is a perennial whose name comes from the American botanist Bradley Dobos who got it from the pronounce of the Chinese word "berry".

These berries (Lycium Barbarum L.) are red and grow wild in Tibet, in Mongolia and in some provinces of China at an altitude of 1.500 meters, on an uncontaminated ground.

Goji is dried in the sun naturally, then sifted without machines and treated with natural techniques that protect it against insect contaminations; these natural processes make it an antioxidant par excellence.

According to Chinese medical literature, Goji berries help to rebalance the "Yin" and the "Yang" of the body, as they contain vitamins C and vitamins E, protecting cells from the damage caused by free radicals.

Considering that for over 2.000 years in China these berries have been appreciated both as food and natural remedy helping to keep the body healthy, they are also called "the fruit of longevity", our laboratory team has decided to create a cosmetic line with Goji extracts.

Idea S.R.L. was born in 2000, exploiting the thirty-year experience of its charter member, to satisfy needs of production and packaging of cosmetics exclusively for hotel’s sector of whom company is leader on the market today.

ON THE DATE OCTOBER 7TH, 2013 IDEA SRL REACHED THE ISO 22716 CERTIFICATION – BY INTERTEK CERTIFICATION FRANCE – FOR THE MANUFACTURE, CONTROL AND PACKAGING OF COSMETIC PRODUCTS.The cosmetic group IDEA counts on a productive capacity about 20 million bottles of liquid cosmetics toiletries sold in more than 30 countries around the world.

The certification means that the products have the requirements of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) for cosmetics. Indeed by July 2013, all products lead into the European market must be developed in compliance with the GMP described in ISO 22716, integrate in the CE 1223/09 the new cosmetic regulation.

The research, the contribution of new technologies and the introduction of new machines of last generation have permit to reach a notable versatility in the entire productive cycle.

During the years the quality of our products has found space in the cosmetic production for the large retailers (herbalist’s shop, chemists, fitness centres, shopping centre and megastores).We have at our disposal emulsion tubes and mixers that, going at the top speed, can reach a productive capacity of about 18.000 lt. with cold solutions and hot emulsions.